iversity ushers in the coolest trend since urban farming: Rural startups!

Here we are. Let us introduce you to the place where the new iversity was born: say “Guten Tag” to our new workspace in Neuenhagen, an idyllic suburb just outside the gates of Germany’s capital. During our search for a new home, we found the idyllic Hoppegarten ranch, an equestrian center built by the state of Prussia in 1906. Now a protected landmark, the Hoppegarten ranch is now going to serve as iversity’s future base of operations for the years to come.

How is this different from all former makeshift offices in downtown Berlin? Well, for one thing, the honking cars, bustling tourist groups and noisy construction which have come to characterize urban life are no longer a feature of work at iversity; instead, we have lately been listening to the rustling of leaves, the occasional whinnying of neighboring horses and the crunching of stones underfoot, as visitors stride up our pebbled pathway. Ah, isn’t that just serene?


No distractions at all, save the whinnying and our office cat: Moodle. Just 30 minutes away from Alexanderplatz, bucolic Hoppegarten is not even posing any problems for those of us commuting – instead, the ride turns out to be a greater delight than any ride downtown before. You leave the city on an empty train in the morning and you go home on an empty at night. The location of the iversity campus allows for activities which would have been impossible in the city. Taking a quiet stroll outside or preparing home-made food in a fully functioning kitchen are no longer distant pipe dreams. At the same time – far from the lures of urban life – we’ll now be able to better focus on innovating practices in higher education. Can you think of a better environment for cultivating creativity?

Join us in our quest to conquer the new grounds in Neuenhagen, and in a next step: the wide world of online education.

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