Breaking down the 90-minute Lecture: What Learning at iversity Looks Like (I)


If you’re new to iversity, it may be helpful to know a bit about what our MOOC-based online learning platform looks like. Not everyone is familiar with online learning, and indeed, one can become easily overwhelmed by all the different platforms that vary in both style and structure. So, let’s take a closer look and make sure you have a better idea about what to expect after enrolling in your first MOOC.

Course chapters: Learning works best when it comes in small doses

Falling asleep during a lecture is embarrassing, especially if you snore or wake up after the lecture hall has already emptied. But at iversity, courses will keep you on your toes. This is possible because our MOOCs break down lectures into digestible, interactive and engaging pieces. Courses are made up of chapters, each constituting the equivalent of a real-life 90-minute lecture. But instead of listening to the same dull voice for 90 minutes, these chapters are broken into approximately 10 units, each unit with just a 3 to 5-minute segment of the entire lecture. Therefore, our MOOCs make new information easy to handle and exciting.


Courses are broken down into chapters


Course units break the content down into smaller pieces

Chapter units: Get a quick grasp on the course content

The units within a MOOC chapter first provide you with a main lecture source, usually a video clip of about 3-5 minutes. This video can come in the form of a lecture, an interview or even a discussion, depending on how the professor envisions the best way to introduce the unit’s material. Units also test your knowledge with a quiz, making sure you stay on top of the new content. Once you have passed the quiz, the unit is marked complete. If you want to take the topic even further, you will find additional resources, articles or video links, allowing you to dive even deeper into the material.

You may be telling yourself now: a lecture hall may be boring, but at least I can engage with other students. We do not want to replace the university system, but we do work to make our MOOC units interactive. You can find a discussion forum that allows you to post questions, respond to your fellow course participants' posts and even rate the best questions and answers. Some MOOCs even offer peer-to-peer assessments of user coursework. We will get to that in more detail soon, so stay tuned!

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