8 Tips for Better Online Learning: Student Edition (I)

If you haven’t learned this already, taking a MOOC takes time. Whether you are studying at the university, working full-time or running a farm, chances are that you don’t just MOOC for a living. Here are some quick tips for better online learning. This week, we present the Student Edition (I).  

1. Get mobile-friendly

If your university has wi-fi, use it! With a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can watch your MOOC lectures, take quizzes and prepare homework in the cafeteria, at the gym or while waiting for a class to start. Universities also often have computer labs, so if you don’t have a mobile device, hop on a computer on campus when it’s convenient. Hey, if you pay tuition, why not make the most out of it, right?

2. Enjoy guilt-free procrastination

We all get stuck online. Sometimes it’s Youtube, sometimes Facebook, sometimes it’s just random googling. If you’re having trouble concentrating on exam preparations or assignments, take a break and watch a MOOC lecture video. It’s engaging, quick and entertaining and will give you an academic boost for your important university work.

3. Use the time between classes

Not everyone manages to work out the dream semester schedule. Sometimes you are stuck with four hour breaks between classes. But this can be a great opportunity to fit a MOOC into your schedule. It’s a perfect chance to find a nice spot with some fresh coffee and enjoy catching up on your MOOC units.

4. Make the most of student holidays

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of studying is the vacation. Of course, learning and studying is probably the last thing that you want to do when vacation hits, but because MOOCs are shorter and more time-flexible, you can schedule your MOOCs around your university finals and midterms. Besides, maybe it is a good excuse to escape the family for a bit, as well as impress them.

5. Stay a step ahead of the curve

MOOCs are in no way intended to replace the university. Indeed, it is a great way to supplement your education. Take a MOOC in your study field and stay ahead of the learning curve. It may help your grade point average and class performance!

6. Test out other interests

Are you stuck in biology class wishing you could be designing homes? Just because you are a student, does not mean that you have to take a MOOC that is in your field of study. It is also a chance to learn something totally new or test out a possible future interest.

7. Impress that special someone

If you are at the university, you may be familiar with the social realities of academia. It can be high-pressure and competitive. Take a MOOC and expand your knowledge further. It could supply you with endless party conversation and even help you catch the eye of someone special.

8. Network with other students and professors

MOOCs also offer a great opportunity for networking. Study with professors and students from around the world. Interact in the discussion forums and even set up a meetup with people in your area. It never hurts to expand your network. It could open more doors for you professionally or even just help you make some new friends.

Ready to give these tips a try? Find a course that fits your university life!

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