6 Key Skills From Our Digital Marketing Toolkit

Top 6 Marketing SkillsHave you heard about our Digital Marketing Toolkit? If you are considering a career in this field, then this is a great opportunity to learn essential marketing skills in an accessible, flexible and affordable way. Now you can certify in two great Marketing courses for 20% off: “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong Digital Brands”. Not convinced yet? Then check out the 6 key skills below that you can take away from our Digital Marketing Toolkit.

Knowing your audience

Digital Marketing Key SkillsThe more you know about your audience, the easier it is not only to find the people you’re looking for, but also deliver the right content they’re waiting for. Who could be interested in the product or service you offer? What do they need to know about your offering? How can you keep them engaged in your product? Learn how to find the audience that fits your company’s message and integrate your findings into your marketing strategy.

Choosing the best marketing channels

Digital Marketing Key SkillsIt is one thing to know your audience, now you just have to know where to find them. Are they crawling through their Facebook feeds or are they snapping away in Snapchat? Find out how to anticipate social behaviours and learn to choose the right channels for reaching your audience. You will both maximise your audience reach, as well as improve your audience’s engagement rate. Not to mention, optimising your targeting efforts will always save you money in the long run.

Creating engaging and viral content

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you know your audience and the right channels to reach them through, you can start to think about the kind of content that would appeal to them. How do you create great content that stands out? What makes content go viral? Learn what content engages your audience the most and what content best represents your company’s brand.

Developing successful digital brand storytelling

Digital Marketing Key SkillsCreating engaging content is a great start, but individual pieces of content don’t automatically make a good story. Telling a good story is crucial because it is something that people can relate to, will remember and share with their friends. Storytelling works best if you can think of an overarching story that connects all your marketing efforts. Learn to build a successful branding campaign by connecting content through digital brand storytelling.

Generating strong emotions around a brand

Digital Marketing Key SkillsOnce you have set up all of the conditions for a great digital marketing campaign, you can really go into detail. People feel most connected with brands that evoke an emotional reaction. Is there a way your brand can touch your audience on an emotional level? Find the best way to generate strong emotions around your brand and learn to build emotional connections with your audience. Then you can build strong relationships with them that last.

Analysing relevant data

Digital Marketing Key SkillsConsidering all the individual steps that converge in your marketing campaign, it’s important to keep track of everything. When will you send which piece of content and how will you measure its impact? Learn how to plan, execute, evaluate and analyse a digital marketing campaign and get to know core tools that will help you measure and optimise your strategy.

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