5 Ways You Should Use Visual Thinking In Every Presentation

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When planning and delivering presentations you can run into a lot of problems. How do I structure my presentation? How do I best get my point across? And how do I make my audience listen to me? Visual Thinking techniques can help you prepare your presentation, command your audience’s attention and really make your presentation stand out. 

Structure Your Thoughts

Creating a presentation can be an overwhelming task. Quite often you have to present a vast amount of information in a short amount of time. So when should you mention what and what can you leave out? This can easily get confusing, not only for you, but also for your audience. Visual Thinking techniques can help you find the most important information and structure it in a meaningful way. Using visuals to prepare your presentation will be easier and your audience will able to follow you better.

Become A Visual Storyteller

Even if your presentation is well thought out, your audience may have a hard time identifying with your topic. Here is where telling your story with images can make a massive difference. A good story with carefully chosen images will not only make your presentation more personal, but it will also catch your audience’s attention. Stories are structured in a way that creates suspense, leaving the audience hanging on to your every word. Just think of your favourite movie or TV show. Don’t you always want to know what happens next? Letting your visual presentation unfold while you are telling your story can have a really powerful impact.

Break Down Complexity

Complex concepts are always hard to convey. How many times have you sat through presentations n that have left you confused and unsatisfied? Visuals are a great way to break down complexity. While it may take a long time to explain something with words, sometimes all it takes is one good image to make it all clear. With Visual Thinking you can learn how to create images that speak for themselves and really bring your point across. So even the most complex concepts will be understood and remembered.

Spark Imagination In Others

Inspiring people with your presentation can seem like an unachievable goal. Often all we hope for is that our audience will listen to us and not feel bored or start checking their phones. What if you could not only command your audience’s attention, but also spark their imagination? Create a starting point for your audience’s interest? Images are perfect for igniting a creative thinking process in your audience and making them really care about what you are saying. Your audience will feel more engaged and you will inspire them to keep engaging with your presentation afterwards.

Make Your Presentation Unique

Are you sick of using artificially posed photos in your presentation? So is your audience. By creating your own images you can really make your presentation stand out. Just think: You don’t have to bore your audience by using pictures they’ve seen a thousand times in a thousand other presentations. You don’t have to waste time finding an image somewhere that resembles your idea. Because: You can just create it yourself. Using your own images will make your presentation truly unique and you will be able to bring your message across better than ever.

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