5 Ways to Make Sure You Are Taking Full Advantage of a MOOC

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by Claudio Rodriguez Valdes, Germany

Most of us have in one way or the other experienced traditional education but only a few have been part of an online course and now that we are, we probably don’t know if we are getting the most out of it.

Welcome to MOOC! Image and illustration created by Claudio Rodriguez Valdes

We might still think it isn’t as serious as attending a lesson in a classroom but there is a way to make it as fruitful as its more traditional counterpart, if not more.

  1. Have a calendar with all your courses and homework assignments. 
  2. Understand that there will be no one pushing you to practice, study or finish your homework… it is all on you!
  3. Online lessons require time. Fix a date and time to watch the lessons and take the tests.
  4. Engage in forums, discuss, ask questions, give advice, be part of the community. Perhaps one of the most debated topics when it comes to online education is the lack of networking, but as in the real world, it really just depends on how much effort you put into being part of the community.
  5. Who said that studying online meant staying online? You can meet people out there who also attend your online lessons and you can discuss face to face or learn together for tests… iversity uses Meetup groups to help you reach people in your area that attend the same courses as you.

Have fun. You are learning what you decided to learn so chances are it is something that interests you, so go ahead and enjoy it as much as you can. 

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