5 Tips for Better Online Learning: Retiree Edition (III)

You are no longer a full-time student or working professional, but your thirst for learning is never quenched. You enrolled in a MOOC that sparked your interest, in pursuit of lifelong learning. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to get to the things you never had time for before. So to help you out, this week we present 5 quick tips for better online learning: Retiree Edition (III).

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1. Share your expertise

If you’ve retired, this means that you have accrued years of both professional experience and knowledge, and you certainly have a lot to share. Join in the discussion forums and contribute your own expertise. Without a doubt, personal experience is one of the most valuable resources you can offer a learning community.

2. Make the most of extra time

After years of a structured work week and habitual workflow, it can take a while getting used to having extra time. Scheduling some MOOCs into your day can be a good way to add some structure to your time and experience the thrill of learning new things.

3. With a little help from your friends

Maybe some of your peers have also decided to engage in lifelong learning. Just because MOOCs are online doesn’t mean that you can’t learn or discuss topics offline. Invite your friends to take a MOOC with you and prepare for assignments and exams together. Or meet friends who are taking other courses and talk about the different things you’re learning.

4. Learn while you travel

Ok, extra time is the least of your problems because you’ve become a world traveler. MOOCs are online, allowing you to learn wherever and whenever you want. Keep up with courses as you sunbathe on the beach or drink tea on the hotel balcony.

5. Stay on top of technological innovation

Don’t let those teenagers get the best of you! Enjoy exploring online tools with MOOCs and take advantage of the possibilities new technologies offer.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself and find a MOOC that fits your interests!

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