5 Questions for Nicholas Wenzel, “Social Innovation” MOOC instructor

Social innovations are everywhere and largely influence our lives: they can change the rules in business, civil society and politics. With this approach we can design social practices that are more beneficial, sustainable or just. But what exactly are social innovations? To find out more about this fascinating topic, we spoke with MOOC instructor Nicholas Wenzel. His “Social Innovation” course is starting November 2nd. Mr. Wenzel has worked at the World Vision Center for Social Innovation at the European Business School (EBS). He is also co-founder of InternsGoPro, a social enterprise certifying the quality of internships in Europe.

Nicholas Wenzel - iversityMr. Wenzel, what is the most exciting thing about your field of study?

The concept of “Social Innovation” demonstrates a simple thing: the way we live, consume, work, or do business is something that we can change to the better. Everything could actually be quite different!

Why did you create this MOOC?

I hope that we, my co-instructors Christine Rimke, Dr. Susan Müller and I, can reach a lot of people and make them familiar with the different forms, aspects, and opportunities of social innovation. And of course I hope that some participants will eventually become social innovators themselves.

How can students apply their learnings?

In our MOOC we ask the students to think about challenges and problems they are interested in. They can then test first ideas that could eventually mitigate a given problem. Very often, you can test an idea with a small pilot and then see what works and what doesn’t work. If some students used our MOOC to run these tests and shared their experiences, that would be great! Then our course would have an actual impact on the world.

Can you sum up what students can expect from this course?􏰀

The “Social Innovation” MOOC is a combination of theory, expert interviews, examples, and tasks that encourage students to think differently and start acting.

Would you share one fun fact about you that your students wouldn’t expect?

I am in love with my hometown Rome and passionate about improv theatre.

Are you curious to learn more about social innovation? Enrol in our “Social Innovation” MOOC now! Explore the theory and practice behind this topic and start realising your own real-life projects.

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