3 Ways MOOCs Can Benefit Employers

Online learning doesn’t just offer great opportunities to learners. They allow professors to bring thousands of students into the lecture hall at one time, complement existing educational structures and support universities on the academic market. MOOCs are also a great solution for building skills and talents that are lacking on the job market. Even governments can incorporate MOOCs into policies that support educational initiatives. But did you know that they offer great advantages to employers? Here are 3 ways employers can benefit from MOOCs.

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1. Training employees

Offering your employees the opportunity to build new skills makes your company stronger and more productive. Not only that, it gives employees the chance to grow, which can make them feel more valued and satisfied on the job. Training opportunities can be expensive and demand a lot of time during the workweek. MOOCs are an easy solution. Learning materials and courses are free, so you can test out a course without suffering any costs. Certification also comes at a low cost. If you want to have newly acquired skills officially recognised, the paid certificates won’t put a large dent in the budget. Besides, your employees deserve to have their work and skills recognised. Lastly, courses are online, free from the constraints of time and space. This gives you a great deal of flexibility when fitting course work into your weekly schedule.

2. Recruiting talent

MOOCs on their own cannot force participants to stay on top of the course workload. Therefore, people who take online courses tend to be self-motivated and particularly interested in a topic. MOOCs are a perfect place to find talented people who are actively building skills and knowledge. Another way to find talented people is to offer your own MOOC. If your organisation has something great to teach, you will be able to reach thousands of eager individuals across the world at one time. You can get creative when trying to find exceptionally talented participants. For example, offer a problem or task for them to solve and invite the best entrees to come meet you and your company in person.

3. Stay on the cutting-edge

Whether your employees take a course or you yourself, MOOCs offer an easy way to continue further education. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on the demanded skills and subjects that are on the market. You can also use MOOCs as a concise source for fresh ideas. Besides specific training, employees who seek to learn new things can add critical perspectives and diversity to the workplace. Moreover, courses are interactive – exchange ideas with other course participants in the discussion forums. This will help you build a wider network of talent and encounter new thoughts that you may otherwise miss.

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