3 Easy Steps for Using Online Learning to Boost Your Resume

Taking a MOOC is a great opportunity for building knowledge and experience. It’s free and time-flexible, and if you know how to work it, it can offer more than just personal growth. Can you imagine that taking a MOOC can boost your career options? Show future employers that you have diverse interests, deep knowledge and self-motivation. Here are 3 simple steps for using a MOOC to boost your resume. 

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1. Find a MOOC that fits your professional interests

The most beneficial course you can enrol in is one that fits your professional history or future plans. Want to be an app, game or website designer? Enrol in Web-Engineering or Gamification. Want to work in Brussels for the EU? Take the European Union and Global Governance. Interested in financing? Consider the Monte Carlo MOOC. Online courses cover nearly every field, so chances are you’ll find something that fits your career path.

2. Network with fellow MOOC students

Once you have enrolled in a course, take advantage of the network. Discussion forums and meetups can put you in contact with others in the field and the professor. Networking provides you with more opportunities and may lead you to valuable information and advice or even a window into the job market. 

3. Fill in your resume

There are several ways to add a course to your resume, depending on the layout you prefer. One option is to add it to your educational background. Show that you have taken your education further by participating in extra courses. The second option is to add it to a separate skills and experience section. If a MOOC course doesn’t quite fit in your educational background, you can include it as a skill-builder or extra-curricular activity. A third option is to include it in a section about your interests. If a course doesn’t exactly fit your professional path, you can still show that you are self-motivated, have a drive to learn and interested in a wide range of topics.

Ready to make a good impression at your next job interview? First find a course that fits your professional interests!

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