10 Networking-Tipps für Introvertierte

27. November 2015 by iversity

Der Sektempfang hat begonnen, die Gäste halten gepflegten Smalltalk, tauschen Visitenkarten. Wenn du zu den eher introvertierten Menschen gehörst, ist diese Situation für dich vermutlich ungefähr so angenehm wie eine Wurzelbehandlung beim Zahnarzt. Mit diesen Networking-Tipps, wird dir das Netzwerken trotzdem gelingen. Besinne dich auf deine Stärken Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel und Joanne K. […]

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Networking für Vielbeschäftigte – Mit wenig Zeit zum Erfolg

23. November 2015 by iversity

Im hektischen Arbeitsalltag ist es schwer, den Überblick über alle Kontakte zu behalten. Schließlich kannst du nicht mit jedem Menschen, den du je getroffen hast, eine enge Freundschaft aufbauen. Wie du trotzdem mit wichtigen Kontakten in Verbindung bleibst und auch mit wenig Zeit ein starkes Netzwerk aufbaust, erfährst du im iversity Blog. Klasse statt Masse So […]

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5 Ways You Should Use Visual Thinking In Every Presentation

17. November 2015 by iversity

When planning and delivering presentations you can run into a lot of problems. How do I structure my presentation? How do I best get my point across? And how do I make my audience listen to me? Visual Thinking techniques can help you prepare your presentation, command your audience’s attention and really make your presentation […]

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3 Stories That Prove Geology is Awesome

13. November 2015 by iversity

On the 14 December, our super awesome Geology and Mineralogy course –  “Myths and Facts About Rocks’ starts. Here in the iversity office, the excitement has been building as we discover just how interesting this area of study is. From the largest meteor impact in recorded history to the part rocks played in the world’s most […]

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5 Questions for Nicholas Wenzel, “Social Innovation” MOOC instructor

20. October 2015 by iversity

Social innovations are everywhere and largely influence our lives: they can change the rules in business, civil society and politics. With this approach we can design social practices that are more beneficial, sustainable or just. But what exactly are social innovations? To find out more about this fascinating topic, we spoke with MOOC instructor Nicholas Wenzel. His […]

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The Birth of Distance Learning

5. October 2015 by iversity

Believe it or not: The roots of online learning actually date back almost 160 years in Germany. Of course there was no internet, there were no computers and university professors wore black bow-ties to class. Their teaching materials were usually nothing more than a piece of chalk and a blackboard. And yet there were a […]

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6 Key Skills From Our Digital Marketing Toolkit

28. September 2015 by iversity

Have you heard about our Digital Marketing Toolkit? If you are considering a career in this field, then this is a great opportunity to learn essential marketing skills in an accessible, flexible and affordable way. Now you can certify in two great Marketing courses for 20% off: “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong […]

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4 Reasons To Learn About ‘Building Strong Digital Brands’

23. September 2015 by iversity

As companies today increasingly use digital and social media marketing to reach consumers, brand management is becoming more and more essential. If companies don’t want to be left behind, they need to start exploring digital branding opportunities right now. But what is the best way to do that? Getting instructions from an expert in our […]

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