Confessions of an unorganised MOOCer

27. February 2015 by iversity

iversity ambassador Nadiyka Gerbish shares her thoughts and confessions on trying to get organised and finish a MOOC in Ukraine during a time of conflict.  Last year was terribly difficult for my country, Ukraine. It seemed that sometimes fear and pain paralysed everything. We were trying hard to fight, trying hard to change anything we […]

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Competition Inspiration: 10 Underground things to do in Berlin

25. February 2015 by iversity

Over the past 3 months our dedicated team of iversity referrers have been working hard and spreading the online education message. With every friend invited and every course chapter completed earning them points towards winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Berlin or 1 of 10 iPad minis. There’s still time to refer the last of your friends as […]

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Out of the Classroom and into the World: 5 International Relations topics to get you thinking

23. February 2015 by iversity

The field of International Relations and Global Politics is fascinating. Daily news headlines are full of stories in which these relations are played out. Trade deals are struck, peace talks initiated and territories disputed. In our new “International Relations to Global Politics” course you will learn how to utilise approaches such as Idealism, Realism and Liberalism […]

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Spanish for Beginners course starts soon – Learn more from your new instructor

11. February 2015 by iversity

Theres a real sense of excitement at iversity this week as we prepare for our first online language course, Spanish for Beginners! In honour of this iversity first, we thought it would be great to get the lowdown from course instructor Prof. Dr. Javier Bravo Agapito on what students can expect from his course. The Professor and his […]

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Insider interview with Human Rights’ Prof. Paolo De Stefani

29. January 2015 by Jackie Peterson

As members of an evermore connected global community, issues relating to human rights spread from our backyards, through our cities, countries and across all continents. What are basic human rights and at which borders do they stop? Who is responsible for maintaining them? Who do they protect? Prof. Paolo De Stefani and his great team from […]

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Michael Boyle: Business Analysis MOOC Uncovered

27. November 2014 by iversity

Michael Boyle is Managing Director of Procurro Solutions and instructor for ‘Business Analysis 101’, a brand new course starting on January 15th 2015. Here he gives us a first glimpse into what we can expect when you enrol in this MOOC. Find out about the role of Business Analysis in the global workplace, and keep reading to find […]

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Student Connect: Meet our MOOCer Fighting Corruption Worldwide

3. November 2014 by iversity

Student Connect is a project that puts us in contact with students to see what has inspired you to take up online learning, and how you are planning to use the skills acquired in future. Meet Aleksandra, a 27-year-old Berlin resident. We caught up with her last week to ask a few questions about her online learning and role […]

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Dr. Andrea Römmele: 8 Questions on Governance and Policy Advice

28. October 2014 by iversity

Dr. Andrea Römmele is a Professor of Communication in Politics & Civil Society at the Hertie School of Governance and the main course instructor for the ‘Governance & Policy Advice‘ MOOC. Here she shares some background on her area of study, giving you an idea of what to expect from this brand new online course. 1.What is […]

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And the Scholartrip winner is… Jesús from Mexico!

15. October 2014 by iversity

The iversity Scholartrip contest has come to an end! Congratulations to Jesús, whose raffle ticket was drawn out of 49,223 tickets submitted to the Scholartrip lottery. Jesús, age 27, left his home country of Mexico to study in Germany and currently lives in Ireland. Already before enrolling in “The DO School Startup Lab”, his dream […]

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