The Birth of Distance Learning

5. October 2015 by iversity

Believe it or not: The roots of online learning actually date back almost 160 years in Germany. Of course there was no internet, there were no computers and university professors wore black bow-ties to class. Their teaching materials were usually nothing more than a piece of chalk and a blackboard. And yet there were a […]

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6 Key Skills From Our Digital Marketing Toolkit

28. September 2015 by iversity

Have you heard about our Digital Marketing Toolkit? If you are considering a career in this field, then this is a great opportunity to learn essential marketing skills in an accessible, flexible and affordable way. Now you can certify in two great Marketing courses for 20% off: “Digital and Social Media Marketing” and “Building Strong […]

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4 Reasons To Learn About ‘Building Strong Digital Brands’

23. September 2015 by iversity

As companies today increasingly use digital and social media marketing to reach consumers, brand management is becoming more and more essential. If companies don’t want to be left behind, they need to start exploring digital branding opportunities right now. But what is the best way to do that? Getting instructions from an expert in our […]

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Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing Career

15. September 2015 by iversity

Are you interested in the field of Digital Marketing? Then you’re in luck! iversity has announced two courses offered by digital marketing professionals who will share their expertise and guide you in our Digital Marketing Toolkit. Acquire vital marketing skills, jump-start your career with our unique course bundle and get certified for 20% off! Develop Fundamental Skills With […]

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7 Answers about “Employability Skills” by MOOC instructor Antti Kapanen

21. July 2015 by iversity

Learn the ins and outs of the German job market and work culture in our new “Employability Skills” MOOC. As the course start date (August 3) is nearing, we spoke with course instructor Antti Kapanen and asked him to give a little preview into what to expect in the course. Mr. Kapanen has taught students from all […]

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Refugees in Berlin: Can local startups find smart solutions?

15. June 2015 by iversity

by Tim Vogelsang Sparked by recent humanitarian catastrophes in the Mediterranean Sea, media attention around the topics of refugees and asylum is possibly strong enough to force the European Union to introduce quotas between member states, lower the barrier of legal immigration and accept higher amounts of asylum seekers. But how can we as a society embrace asylum as […]

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5 Career Steps You Should Take Before Graduating

20. May 2015 by iversity

Are you nearing the end of your studies? Then now is the time to start preparing for the job application process. Thorough research and preparation are key elements for your way to career success. Lay the groundwork now so you can send out compelling job applications that will convince any company that you are the […]

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Have you already Sqored today? Take part in student competitions!

18. May 2015 by iversity

We’re excited to announce a great new opportunity for our users: iversity just started collaborating with Sqore. If you like student competitions and iversity, you’re going to love what we came up with. What’s Sqore all about? Sqore is a platform that offers a number of challenging and fun student competitions. You can compete for anything from […]

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5 Ways To Benefit From Critical Thinking in Relationships

12. May 2015 by iversity

Critical Thinking can empower you to question your decisions and look at yourself and the people around you in a new, more objective way. Applying this approach to everyday situations can make a considerable difference in your life. Here’s how to benefit from Critical Thinking in your personal and work relationships. 1. Your Family Mother […]

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